Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Physical Activity

Physical activity is the answer. There are times when I am completely burned out mentally and just have nothing left to give to an assignment or to study and the way that I am best able to clear my head is through physical activity. During a stressful day and there is no more left in the tank as a student or as a worker and you need some way to get rid of some unwanted stress the best way that I could think of to get rid of that stress is to just go outside and run around.

Some of the ways that I go and get rid of stress is I go to the gym and I like to shoot around a little bit. If there are some guys at the gym then we will have ourselves a little pick up game. Playing basketball at the open gym times is one of my favorite things to do during the winter time, especially since there is almost nothing to do outside with the blistering cold. If are one of those people who appreciate a good snowball fight though then maybe you are a person who can appreciate a little cold and get a little exercise that way.

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